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We’re not the biggest talkers you’ll ever meet. But we do know how to make premium beers.

What’s so great about our brews, anyway?

First of all, Belgian beers have an edge on everyone else, just by being historically rooted in a centuries-old tradition of quality ingredients and a passion for brewing a balanced bouquet of flavours.

Belgium isn’t the biggest place on the map, but if it’s premium beers you’re looking for, this is definitely the best place to be. Great taste from a small country.

Gigant taps into these powerful traditions to take beer into the new now, with an innovative approach to surprising ingredients, creating a sophisticated, cosmopolitan palate.

Our current line-up tastefully incorporates American and Japanese hops, Spanish marine algae, French piconesque herb blends and authentic Norwegian yeasts.

Let us switch on all of your senses. Let our brewer’s creativity help you explore new, exciting and satisfying territories.

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Whatever the occasion may be, you’ll find a great choice in our rich range of beers. But hey, we’re not here to tell you what to do and how to enjoy our beers. Do your thing. Choose your own adventure.

Gigant goes great with... just about anything.

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